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Searsucker Experience

THE SCENE 04/03/15

The Searsucker Experience

Your OMNIA experience is about to be enhanced, courtesy of Searsucker, a new restaurant and lounge opening March 27.

Situated right outside the club’s main entrance, Searsucker is the ideal place to see and be seen, or as Chef Brian Malarkey puts it, “It’s where to get fueled up for the night…and where to hang in the early morning hours after.”

Malarkey, a celebrity chef who has appeared on Top Chef and ABC’s The Taste, is bringing his signature dining experience to Las Vegas after successful openings in San Diego, Del Mar and Austin. But this one comes with a distinctive Vegas twist: an over-the-top experience that’s about the food as much as it is about the energy. And its late-night to early-morning hours make it the perfect accompaniment to your next OMNIA moment – both before and after. Get primed before the club or swing in on your way out for small bites that satisfy every foodie’s craving.

Crafted cocktails and shareable bites are just the beginning. Searsucker is a social place – the kind of restaurant where you’d send a drink to a table across the room, or pass appetizers to the one right next to you. Because here food isn’t just about taste, it’s about what it does to create a good time.

This is the place to hang out and make friends for the night – or for life. So check out the intriguing combination of scene and cuisine that is Searsucker.