For Wouter and Sjoerd Janssen the music always comes first. These two rebellious brothers, better known as Showtek, are perpetually pushing the musical envelope. Showtek has found ways to evolve dance music in their more than decade-long journey as hit producers and DJs. It was
2012 when they truly exploded into the global dance scene with the release of ‘Cannonball’ followed by many other successful productions like ‘Booyah’, ‘BAD’ (with David Guetta) and ‘90s By Nature’. It is safe to say that with 6 #1 hits on Beatport, 410 million views on Youtube, multiple awards, shows all around the world and the
#17 spot on the DJ MAG top 100 they left an impressions in the minds of their fans. And with their incredible live shows and massive productions yet to come hundreds of thousands fans worldwide will follow!