Kris Trindl better known by his stage name “Rain Man”, is an American electronic dance music producer and former member in Krewella from Chicago, Illinois. Rain Man was the lead producer of the electric dance music and the overall production of Krewella’s musical side. He got a start in musical performance in Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, where Kris was performing in a local metal band. Kris had been programming guitar and drum parts for his bandmates, and the band would try to preform shows in surrounding suburbs each weekend, and where ever they could, from VFW halls and libraries to basements.

Fast forward to 2016, where Rain Man is currently undergoing a personal and creative transformation. Now as a solo artist, he’s rebooting the Rain Man project from ground zero with a clear mind and a clean slate as he resets his vision anew. With his journey now as a lone entity, Rain Man has much to prove to his naysayers and haters, to his loving fans, and, most importantly, to himself.

With this sense of liberation, Rain Man has partnered with the influential electronic imprint Dim Mak to help progress his artistic mission. Born out of the independent spirit of founder and international dance music heavyweight Steve Aoki and championing a DIY ethos, Dim Mak is the perfect home for Rain Man. Just like Trindl himself, Dim Mak boasts a longstanding history in punk culture with an electronic future, and its stature as one of the leading indie labels for 20 years running, allows him the creative space to experiment and explore as an artist. For Rain Man, joining forces with Dim Mak was the final piece to his ongoing puzzle.